RS 18.0M


Start going up Old Mine towards Pantol Station. Right on Matt Davis Trail.  Meet Hwy 1 then continue to Stinson Deli.  Right on Calle De Mar.  Left on Buena Vista.  Left on Lincoln.  Left on Avienda Farallon.  Continue on Willow Camp.  Cross Ridgecrest Road. Continue on Laurel Dell Fire Road.  Left on Cataract Trail.  Right on High Marsh Trail.  Left on Kent Trail to Alpine Lake.  Right on Kent Trail at junction with Helen Markt and Alpine Lake.  Continue on Kent Fire Road then Shady Side Trail at Bon Tempe Lake.  Continue on Laguanitas/Rock Springs Fire Road (Climb).  Right on Benstein Trail and finish at Rock Springs parking area.


Total distance: 17.91 mi
Total climbing: 5427 ft
Download file: Rs182OsMdWcLdCaKeShLagBs.gpx




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