TV 16.6M Trailhead Tennessee Valley Parking Map(s): Marin Headlands   Trails Run up Marincello Fire Road.  Continue on Bobcat. Left then quick right on Alta Trail.  Continue on SCA Trail.  Right on Coastal Trail.  Cross McCoullough Road.  Continue on Coastal Trail.  Cross Bunker Road.  Left on Rodeo Valley Trail.  Left on Miwok Trail.  Continue to Rodeo Beach.  Climb […]

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MB 17.9M

go Trailhead Muir Beach Parking Lot Plenty of parking in the morning, but it will fill up by noon. Trails Route: Highway 1 North to Redwood Trail.  Cross Franks Valley Road and bridge then link up with Heather Cutoff Trail. Right on Coastal View Trail.  Left on Old Mine Trail to Pantol Station. Cross Panoramic Hwy and continue […]

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